Anderson Images, Inc. has been creating for over 20 years.  


We work directly with you to extend your animation/illustration capabilities. Our experience includes production for broadcast, meeting presentation, branding, entertainment and instructional animations. Our work has been incorporated into 4K, HD, web broadcast, arena display and print. 

We have had the good fortune to work with a wide range of clients. From Ameripise to Yamamoto (if your name starts with Z give us a call). Let's find out how we can help solve your visual needs. Partial Client List

Focusing on quality production, keeping our costs and yours under control.


Bob Anderson Owner-Design-Animation

I have been working on computer animation/illustration for over 30 years. I started AndImages in 1995 when 3D was a new production technique, today it has evolved into one of many tools available to capture attention. Experience helps me evaluate which tool best applies to your production.


Troy Robinson Lead Animator/VFX

For 26 years Troy has been working in animation/broadcast field. Early work for the Minneapolis NBC and CBS stations honed an eye for broadcast work and hitting effective deadlines. (When 6 o'Clock news means 6 o'clock). Hobbies include 3D printing, CNC, vinyl cutting and the soon to be outlawed drone flying.